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Yamaha Powered UTV Set to Climb Pikes Peak

As if last years PPIHC wasn’t enough, Doug Siddens a.k.a 4Nines is back to make yet another big splash!

This year, with a lot of help from MCX-USA Doug’s 2009 Polaris RZR-S has been chopped, stretched, slammed and stuffed with a 998cc Yamaha Apex motor. All of that AND it’s being force-fed by an MCX intercooled turbo system.

More info on this build can be found here: http://www.rzrforums.net/pits/51297-2011-ppihc-build.html

The video you’re about to see is what 260 all-wheel drive horsepower looks like when shoehorned into a lightweight side by side. The feeling? Well, nothing short of insane. When the boost hits it’s almost like you’re ripping a hole through reality! And the best part, that was just the break-in. Race day plans are to run closer to, if not more than 300 horsepower and crank up the top end speed to 100 mph!

Last years build resulted in 100 all-wheel drive horsepower and laid down a time of 14:03. Very respectable since the top speed last year was at best 75 mph. Needless to say, this year with about 3x the horsepower and more than 20 mph faster top speed, the RZR-X should lay down and impressive time. One that will hopefully put this UTV with fast company!

June 26th, 2011 is race day, so save the date and check back here for more news and info.

Without further adieu, I bring to you the Pikes Peak RZR-X!

YouTube Preview Image

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