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Factory UTV RZR 170 – Top, Doors & Restraint System


I recently had the chance to work on a buddies Polaris RZR 170 and bolt on some new fun products from Factory UTV! Even those these three parts are rather simple and a snap to install, they made a huge difference visually!

After my friends son saw my RZR with the half-doors, top and 4-point seat belts, his son just had to have his 170 look just like my grownup version of his little RZR. So as this lucky kid would have it, his dad got to ordering from Factory UTV and got in these sweet doors and top:


These four items were straight bolt-ons and even used some of the factory bolts to hold them into place. The restraint bar and Crow seat belts were also very easy to install. The bar went on with four bolts supplied by Factory UTV and mounted right up to stock wholes on the factory 170 cage. The bottom portion of the belts took a bit more work as it was hard to reach the factory seat belt bolts, but after removing some screws and plugs that held the body plastics on, it went rather quickly.

And that was pretty much it! Those few items and the little 170 went from looking like a kids toy, to looking like something made for grownups!


Find more information online about these parts at FactoryUTV.net or talk with them directly over at RZRForums.net!

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