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Perfect weather, smiling girls, and shiny parts have definitely welcomed us to this year’s SEMA Show here in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada!  We spent a little time with the guys, Trey and Chris, at the MCX-USA Turbos booth while they were getting the booth together, and they have definitely shown up with the goods!


Once they got the booth together, the show RZR situated, and the video loop up and running, they were able to cause quite a stir at their booth featuring their turbo systems as well as their brand new clutch for the Polaris RZR!  People have been stopping by to check out their products as well as what is arguably one of, if not the most powerful UTVs on the planet right now.  This murdered out black on black RZR is featuring their Stage 2 Turbo Kit that will hopefully get 150 HP down to the ragged ground through the use of a TD04 turbo, and all the supporting mods! We hope to see some dyno charts soon to see what exactly this kit will do!


Buyers, vendors, and guests of the show were all taken by the footage running on the screen that was running a loop of several happy customers of the speed shop from Salida, CO.  The customers on screen were more than happy to rave about the products that they had purchased from MCX-USA.  They appeared to feel even more comfortable behind the wheels of their MCX powered, force fed machines while they threw roost off the back of their paddle equipped rides in the footage from this last week’s Glamis, CA meet.  The footage showing the MCX RZRs absolutely destroying the competition; including other turbo charged, supercharged, Rotax powered UTVs, and even an R1 powered Rhino, really got the crowd fired up, and got them talking to the guys about their products.

Really great showing guys!  Keep cranking out those snails, and keep pushing that envelope of UTV Power!

By Nick Jaquez


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