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Holz Racing Shoulder Harness Safety Strap


Holz Racing has come up with a very inexpensive part for a very common problem when adding 4 or 5 point safety harnesses to any UTV!

The Application: Prevents 4 and 5 point shoulder straps from sliding apart and falling off your shoulders when used with stock seats or aftermarket seats without shoulder strap slots. The stock seats in your UTV do not have built in shoulder strap slots to accommodate 4 and 5 point harnesses. This is a problem when aftermarket safety harnesses have been installed- Especially those that attach or wrap around the bar directly behind your seat.

The Scenario: As the vehicle starts moving, there are many forces at work- Your seat padding starts to pack in, your safety harness starts to loosen, and your body moves and bounces as the vehicle tackles different terrain. Meanwhile, the safety harness that has been designed to save you from utter disaster is now sliding apart and falling off your shoulders. But not if you have this nifty little strap in place…

The Product: The strap is made of sewn nylon webbing. 16″ overall length with 3″ loops at each end and is available in black only.

Order 1 for 1 seat, 2 for 2 seats at Holz Racing Products


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