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ATR Polaris RZR Solid Shift Kit Install


After receiving a Shift Kit from ATR to test on our Project RZR-S and seeing the quality of the handle, I couldn’t wait to get it on! A few hours later I was in the shop slingin’ wrenches and excited to see the final result of this beafy billet handle!
DSC01160The instructions were simple, to the point and all the parts necessary for the install were included. The kit came with a CNC machined shift handle, preload washer and bronze bushings that replace the factory plastic bushings. Tools required for the job were just basic hand tools, Allen Wrenches and a Torx Bit set.

Once I was properly prepared with the correct tools, good lighting and a chilled Red Bull, I was ready to rock!


I removed the seats, stock shifter handle and console. The shifter has a cover that pops off to reveal a Torx screw that bolts to the shifter handle to the stud mount. Once that was off, I started removing the console. This held down by 11 Torx bolts as well and only took about 5 minutes, if that to remove.

With the console gone, you can see how simple the shifter and linkage really is.
Next I pulled the clip that held the shifter and bushing into place with a flathead screwdriver. You will have to pull the shifter off of the stud mount and I found that it was easiest if I also removed the cable that was attached to the bottom of the shifter as well. With everything disconnected the shifter and the bushings slid right off.
The next step was to slide the straight bushing onto the stud mount. This took a little tapping with a mallet to get it to go. I slid the shifter over the new straight bushing and tapped the flanged bushing on to snug everything together.

After that, I placed triple wave washer on the outside of the flanged bushing and secured it all together with the factory clip.
All I left to do now was install the console and the new ATR billet handle! The console slipped back over the shifter and I snugged down all 11 Torx bolts to secure it. I lined up the grooves in the billet handle with the ones on the shifter and it slid snuggly into place. I added a little Loctite to the screw that holds the handle and shifter together just for good measure. I proceeded to adjust the billet ATR cap and secured it with the setscrew that came with the kit.

Next step…stand back and admire the shiny new billet handle!


This was a very easy install and the looks of this accessory alone are worth it! It also feels great! The shifter itself is a lot tighter and seems to have a lot more feel than the sloppy stock setup.

Review by Doug Siddens aka 4Nines.

If you have any questions about this product you can post them here.

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