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Wendover Nevada UTV Race

Wendover Nevada UTV RaceBonneville Off-road Racing (B.O.R.) Is back and wants to include UTV racing for their race September 19th in Wendover Nevada. They want your input and feedback to see what type of turn out they can get and what type of race course you would be interested in running. This is a post made by the new owner on the B.O.R. forum.

“We are working on a UTV stock class. details will be finaized (for now) in the next week or so. Minimal safety modifications IF we can get a seperate course for you guys. PLEASE PLEASE let us know if you want to race and how long of a loop you would like. right now we are thinking 10-15 loops – entrys would have to be lower for this group –OK g\uys give us suggestions. it would be coll to have 30 to 40 of these STOCK machines out racing.”

For more information please visit: BOR Racing or discuss this on TeryxForums.net: http://www.teryxforums.net/rides-events/5354-wendover-nevada-utv-race-utah-racing.html

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