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Bikeman Performance RZR Mega Power up Kit

bikeman-performanceIf you want your RZR’s horsepower to be optimized, BMP is the place for you! Send them your Cylinder head, throttle body, and ECU. They port the cylinder head extensively to optimize airflow and horsepower. Next they bore out the stock throttle body from 39mm to 44mm and taper bore it to 48mm on the inlet side. Then add forged high compression pistons for lower end torque. Their custom grind camshaft skyrockets horsepower and makes for wicked holeshots! They reprogram your stock ECU with an enhanced timing curve and 7000 RPM rev limit. Optimum power is from 6600-6900 RPM. Add their “UTV Off-road Magazine Shootout Winning” performance tuned header and spark arrested muffler with a trick billet endcap that really gets this motor cranking. Then control the fuel flow with our Boondocker EFI controller for easy tuning and installation. Last you need to get the power to the ground with their industry leading Supertip Clutch Kit. The Supertip weights are the best available for acceleration and fast back-shifting. You also get one of our custom cut helixes and higher tension springs. This kit can make your stock 46-47hp RZR up to a rocking 70-72 reliable horsepower!

Kit Includes:

• BMP Porting
• BMP Custom Camshaft
• 44-48mm Taper Bored Throttle Body
• CP High Compression Forged Pistons
• Custom High Rev ECU Reprogram with Custom Timing Curve
• BMP Power Tuned Performance Header and High Flow Muffler
• Boondocker EFI Controller
• K&N Filters
• BMP Supertip Clutch Kit
• Cometic Gasket Kit

Discuss this with Bikeman Performance on RZRForums.net: http://www.rzrforums.net/bikeman-performance/10951-bmp-rzr-mega-power-up-kit-specials.html
Visit Bikeman Performance: http://www.bikemanperformance.com/

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