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Rhino Charge FI Controller and a Tour of MSD Powersports

picture-11Sometimes this job really has its perks and getting to tour the MSD offices and manufacturing plant was one of them! Being a gear-head and always having performance in mind, MSD products have always been on the list. Fortunately for us the UTV market has grabbed their attention and now they have started releasing products for the Rhino, with the Teryx and RZR soon to follow!

We spent the day down in El Paso, TX where their main offices and manufacturing plant is located. All of the design, testing and production of the Rhino products happens here and we got to see it first hand!

Below are some pictures of the actual Charge FI Controller being made and tested:







Every product gets tested extensively to make sure it works before getting sent out:


Here is what the final product looks like and it’s features:


For more information on this product, please visit: http://www.msdpowersports.com/rhino.html

Also, if you wish to discuss this product you can do it here: http://www.rhinoforums.net/msd-powersports/

After we completed the tour I could not believe what all goes into the research and development of what seems to be a simple product. I completely have a new found respect for MSD and their products! Also, I can’t say enough for the grounds and all the employees that we met along the tour. Everyone was very helpful and happy and that not only makes for a great work environment, but a great quality product!

Thanks again to the staff of MSD and Ray for the great tour and for making us feel as apart of the crew!

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