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New UTV Rules at Hatfield McCoy Trails

hatfield-mccory-utv2This means UTV’s can now roam more than 300 of Hatfield-McCoy’s approximately 500 trail miles. It also makes Hatfield-McCoy the largest UTV-friendly trail system in the country. As such, they’ve drafted a new set of rules governing the use of UTV’s out on the trail. Here are the 2009 rules and regulations for bringing your two-seater to the trail system. Follow all rules and regulations identified in UTV owner’s manual and rules and regulations listed below.

Utility Type Vehicles can only be operated on designated trails:

• Easiest Trails (Green) – Approved.
• More Difficult Trails (Blue) – Approved
• Most Difficult Trails (Black) – Not approved.
• Extreme Difficult Trails (Red Black) – Not approved.

• Signage and Maps – Every intersection will be labeled with a sticker approving or disapproving each trail. Most difficult and extreme difficult trails will receive an 18×24 metal sign located at each intersection. This sign will have a UTV with a line through it and state NO SIDE BY SIDE/UTV’S ALLOWED. Violators subject to $100.00 fine and impoundment of machine.

Machine Requirements

1. Machines may not be self constructed or substantially modified from manufacturer’s specifications in the sole opinion of the Executive Director or his designee.

2. Units must be equipped with a steering wheel from the manufacturer.

3. Units must be equipped with ROPS (Roll-Over Protection System) from the manufacturer.

4. Machines must be equipped with manufacturer seat belts and must be in good working order.

5. Low pressure tires required – Max 20PSI at manufacturer’s recommended inflation.

6. No machines above 855cc or 61HP allowed.

UTV Specific Rules

1. The number of passengers carried on a side by side – utility type vehicle shall be limited by the number of manufacturer installed seat belts.

2. All participants must abide by all of the manufacturer’s requirements regarding the age and size of operators and passengers. In addition, regardless of the manufacturer’s requirements, all passengers under the age of 16 must be able to reach grab bars and be able to place both feet on the floorboard seated upright with their back against the seatback. All operators of side by side – utility type vehicles must be at least sixteen (16) years of age or older.

3. Any operator of a side by side – utility type vehicle must possess a valid driver’s license.

4. The driver and passengers of a side by side – utility type vehicle must:
• Wear seat belts at all times;
• Keep their hands, arms, feet, head and legs inside the vehicle at all times during operation;
• Wear a DOT or Snell approved helmet; and
• Wear eye protection at all times

For more information or to plan a trip use the contact information below:

Browning Fork Trailhouse, Hatfield McCoy Trails, lbucha8150@aol.com

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